Once you are done with your nuptials, you’ll surely want to enjoy the rest of the function hooting and cheering for your new journey. And what could be more enjoyable than a cake cutting ceremony!

Be it a small intimate wedding, or an extravaganza gathering, cake cutting has now become everyone’s special moment for wedding gaiety.

Getting a wedding cake is not just about the appealing designs and great artwork or even catchy phrases over it. The taste and the flavour you choose will be remembered by your guests either praising it or discarding it.

And so you do not confuse yourself with multiple dilemmas, we have made this guide for you to assess the right way!

1. Foresee your cake

Your wedding cake ceremony and cutting the cake is not just a typical case. Choosing a wedding cake should also satisfy the number of guests you would have and the extent of the event you are having; lest a simple cake won’t fit.

You have to check your guest list from your wedding checklist and convey that information to the wedding baker before you decide the scale. Based on the guest’s information, the size of the cake should be decided — which starts from 2Kgs and scaling.

2. What’s your Budget?

A wedding cake is not just a piece of cake in itself. It comes with high prices that add luxury to your wedding day.

So, before you book your slice for the day, don’t forget to look for different options available in and around your city. You can also search for any online wedding bakers, who can have the service of destination delivery; which means no jitters on your wedding day.

Discuss all the add-ons and the size of the cake with the baker to know the pricing, so that you can opt for other viable options such as having a small size cake just for the ceremony and going with individual cupcakes add-ons.

Whatever option you’d be going with, make sure it doesn’t wiggle your wedding budget!

3. Don’t forget to consider the Backdrop

When choosing a wedding cake, don’t just point your finger at the available options. Make it unique in tandem with the backdrop of your wedding: the theme, decor, and wedding attire.

The wedding cake should not look odd one out setting on the table awkwardly, rather it should fit in effortlessly.

4. The Cake Base

How do you envision your cake? Is it round-shaped or square-base? Do you want it to be a smooth tower or in escalating multiple steps?

Ask these questions to yourself to determine the visual appeal. In addition to it, also consider asking whether you are more inclined to a conventional pattern or a unique idea of your own.

5. The Flavour

What flavour of cake do you prefer as a couple? Since it’s your wedding, you should be deciding the flavour of the cake based on your likes. However, don’t just go beyond mountains, but balance with the tastes of invitees.

Even if you think you are certain of your option, consider having another option for guests such as cupcakes of basic flavours that everyone would like.

6. Consider the Table Settings

When deciding the size, do not miss taking into consideration the size of the table it would be placed on, the location in the room, and the decoration around it. This will help you decide the best considering the type of wedding you will be having.

7. Taste before your Waste

Make sure that you ask for a slice of the wedding cake when you visit a bakery. This will help you judge the taste and texture of your wedding cake, thereby avoiding you from scowling and wasting it.

No matter what wedding cake you choose for your wedding day, choose one that fits your idea of a wedding cake.

Once you decide, make sure you add these catchy, cute, or funny phrases to it — to make the environment lovesome and rejoiceful.