Now that your wedding shenanigans are over, and everyone including you two has come back to your normal routine the real-life starts now. You are now officially a married couple set to start your new life with each other. Although the wedding days might feel like bliss, the days after — more like the next 365 days — is actually an adjustment and period of understanding.

From holding families to maintaining finances, all things start to set in when you start to share your lives together. And it is no big deal to feel overwhelmed. It takes gradual time to transcend into a practical state of mind than just a lovey-dovey disposition.

And on account of that — to make you navigate things smoothly — here are 5 mistakes that many couples make during their first year of marriage that you should refrain from.

1. Not having discussions on Money

Although newlywed couples have the excitement to spend money on cherishable things & memories, it is necessary to be conscious of money management. It is usually seen as a taboo topic by some, but it is important to know what debt your partner holds, what all assets they have retained, and where have they invested their money.

Not only your personal lives but financial lives are now intertwined. So, it’s better that you lay out the money management honestly with your partner, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding later which can cause trouble in relationships.

2. Believing everything should be perfect

It’s a common notion amongst people that marriage and love are all about happiness and being romantic. However, that really doesn’t happen after your wedding. The truth is that love and marriage is all about handling the responsibilities and taking care of the other person to impart that love.

The couples might feel that, especially during the honeymoon period, that things aren’t really as ideal as they thought they would be. And this can sometimes lead you to disappointment. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love the other person, you do. You just don’t love the idea of love you preconceived in your head.

So, you both must take your time to constantly evolve the love. Because ‘everything perfect’ is not a destiny but a journey.

3. Putting all the focus on wedding

Couples usually make the mistake of not focusing on what’s after the wedding and honeymoon. Even if your wedding is over, there are things that need to be addressed. Things like Thanksgiving and putting together your wedding album.

Often the excitement after a wedding is reduced and it can lead to negatively impact the relationship. But you must always keep that excitement high now that you two are together to take things forward from here on.

After all, marriage is not just about a single day like a wedding, but a long term commitment of support and wise planning for ahead.

4. Spending too much time apart

While it’s necessary to give priority to your personal interests and work after the wedding, because of all that piled up tasks.

You must ensure that you constantly check-up with your partner. Having a regular quality but not quantity session will help nurture your relationship in a more sensible and romantic tangent.

Communicating about your likes and dislikes in your daily routine gives your partner an idea about how they should be cooperating and where the boundaries should be. And this can only happen when you decide to give some time to your partner on a regular basis.

5. Thinking the person will change

It’s a common misconception with couples that now they are married the other person should entirely change according to the other. Well, that doesn’t happen and surely will not.

You can change a person’s habits, or at the most, you can evolve a person from point A to point B, but you can never change the innate nature of a person.

However, you must accept the person for what they are and should not condition your happiness based on the change you are looking for in your partner in the long term. That way, it can only spoil things in the long run.