Slipped rings into fingers? Now you need to take responsibility for your marriage along with creating a unique hashtag for your wedding! We know it’s an amazing thing to work on. But, how do you even create a unique hashtag for your wedding? Are there any methods, techniques? Or do we just shoot arrows to decide one?

Well, shooting an arrow may or may not land you on the right hashtag, but these methods and techniques will surely help you decide one.

But, also, before that keep these 3 things in mind before creating a wedding hashtag for yourself.

  • Make it relatable to you both as a couple
  • Make it unique and easy to find on social media platforms
  • Spread the word and keep it consistent

Here are 6 ways or methods or techniques to help you derive a unique hashtag for your wedding that no one could have thought of.

Use these ideas to create a unique hashtag for your wedding and nail the hashtag trend!

1. Mix n Match Names

This may sound a bit obvious, but mixing and matching couple names works best for most situations. The most common examples are of Bollywood couples as #DeepVeer #Saifina and more. And who knows you might even find a couple-name that is unforgettable for a tongue and is way hip!

Look for combinations in your names by breaking them into two parts or a combination of your first and last names. And then add a pinch of creativeness to this combination. Just how this couple Naveet and Sonia did for their wedding.

Mix n Match Wedding Hashtags of Naveet & Sonia
Image Credit - Pinterest

His last name is Bali and her first name is Sonia, and together they became #SONIyeBALIye for a perfect Punjabi Viah!

Another way to splurge your creativity is how Neil Nitin Mukesh and his other half Rukmini did for their wedding. They extracted letters from their names that make RukMIniNEil which entails as #foreverMINE

Mix n Match wedding hashtags of Rukmini & Neil
Image Credit - Pinterest

2. Initial Impulse of Names

If you find it difficult to get something out of your full or broken names, try using only initials. Sometimes, initials just fit better than you realise. The monograms have been used for ages now, and they fit there as well like how!

Initials Wedding Hashtags of Utkarsh and Sakshi
Image credit - Pinterest

This couple Utkarsh and Sakshi used the monograms of their names to pair it up with the year of their wedding. They used #AboutUS2015 as their official hashtag for the wedding everywhere right from social media to baggage tags.

3. Notch Nick Names

Sometimes when real names just don’t fit either way, Nick Names happen to be the saviour. Nicknames of couples match so perfectly that seem as if they were bound to be together in this lifetime. Just like how this couple’s nicknames ANU and MANU took full-on Bollywood inspo as #ANUwedsMANU, and we *Love it*!

Nicknames Wedding Hashtag of Anu & Manu
Image Credit - Pinterest

4. Do the Pop Culture Way

What’s your favourite song, or movie, or jokes, quips, phrases, or quotes? You can involve any of these things in your wedding hashtag by wiggling around names or your interests as a couple. It can be honestly anything you both as a couple relates to.

A cue from Zorawar and Kusha’s wedding is how they combined their names and fused the combination with famous dialogue as #ZorKushHua. How creative is that? Even Mogambo would be rolling on the floor on hearing this!

Or just look how Jaskiran Singh and Kanika used their first and last names to fuse them with the phrase #YoYoKaniSingh taken from the Punjabi Rapper Honey Singh’s refrain in his songs.

5. Inspired from the Mood

If dates and venues are marked, take an inspo from the wedding location or wedding vibe! Take a cue as Aditi and Dhruv did to groove with a simple hashtag #TheBeachWedding, which itself adds oodles of excitement and fun as you hear it.

6. The Pretty Pun

Puns always depict the smartness, added anywhere. And this pun #TwoWOngsMakeARight surely does the same. The couple took their last names’ initials as Wadhwa and Ojha, and creatively remixed a phrase in an amusing way!

Now that you are set with amazing ideas and inspos, we cannot wait to see how creatively you show up with your own hashtag!

Do not forget to contact us for sharing your wedding hashtags and the story around it with us — because we might call you to feature your story on our blog.