It’s the time gap between your engagement and wedding that makes your brain go haywire. It’s the time after engagement when you realize that now you’re starting the next chapter of your life, and you have to mould yourself into so many things.

But before you set up things for your wedding day, be ready to be adorned with lustring jewellery, and wear that out-of-this-world dress, there are some things you need to do as soon as you get engaged.

These things usually go unnoticed and we think they should not. So, we just came up with a list so you don’t say the “shit” word right before you walk down the aisle to take your vows.

Here are 6 things you need to do as soon as you get Engaged

Get a Manicure

As you get engaged, your hands become a subject for many of the eyes around and the photos in albums. There is a constant response you receive from anyone you meet, which is “Oh! You got engaged. Let me see the ring!”.

And that moment your hands should be spotlessly immaculate. Anyone or you yourself would not want to have chipped, unpolished, or rough hands for that hot mess you are. So, it is better to get a manicure — either to the beauty parlour or call one home — as soon as possible.

Getting your ring Insured

Excitement for the next chapter of your life will be there, and we know it. But, there should also be a wise person in your head telling you to do things the right way. You both should get your engagement ring insured immediately. Reach out to the jewellers from where you purchased the ring, and you shall get a certified insurer for the same.

Your engagement ring is an asset and an investment to the happily married life :P (You know what we mean!) And yes, don’t forget to get an appraisal from the jeweller to determine the value of the ring.

Structure down a Budget

Yes, it is that time of the process. As soon as you are done with your engagement you’ve already entered the budget game of weddings. And it is now important to look at the expenses done for the engagement and how much you can spend ahead.

Get your pen & paper, and your fiancé & parents to have an uber-awkward but essential discussion on where should the money flow in the coming months on your wedding. From here on, you need to derive a specific number for everything while keeping the state of mind and relations and the environment healthy and intact.

Make and Execute a Diet Plan

If you feel you have gained some extra layers on your body, and you feel you must shed it for your wedding then you must go for it. The worst thing you can do is to wait until the last moment and vigorously put stress on your body with dieting and heavy exercise.

Always consult a health expert or enrol yourself into a weight loss program. It is always better to have a plan and time frame to reduce a particular amount of weight.

However, if you feel you are perfect as you are then you’re the queen to hold on to your decision! Don’t lose that.

Sign Up for Pinterest

If you still are unaware of Pinterest, then God knows which ancient world you belong to. Pinterest is by far the most reliable and go-to option for ideas and inspirations. Hands down it is the mother of the most intuitive and vast resource of inspiration; where you can explore and save ideas from the world and implement them in your wedding.

You must create an account on Pinterest if you haven’t. From dress designs to DIY Decors to scrumptious cuisine to mouth-watering cakes, it has got all. You can save and collect all those ideas and then add them to your wedding checklist based on what you prefer to have for your wedding.

Do not be afraid to have ‘The Money Talk’

Post your engagement all that money in your individual bank accounts are shareable with your spouse — at least until the wedding day and honeymoon. So, you need to be conscious of where your and your fiancé's money is going.

Setting the budget is only the first step; there is a lot that comes along after. So be prepared to say and receive a “NO” and a “Why” on monetary matters. We believe you just need to be wise enough to have a tight grip on your expenses, and all shall sail smoothly.

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