Wedding season is on the edge, and couples are already waiting to follow by the edge. And with the start of 2021’s wedding season, jitters start to happen even before you kick in for the big day. And these jitters 10 days before the wedding might affect your mental health.

But, don’t you worry, because there are ways to stay organised and be stress-free leading to a jovial ceremony. Here are some things that you must include in the checklist or should remember to do 10 days before the wedding.

1. Check in with your Vendors

It’s always a smart move to call your vendors like photographers, decorators, venue, caterers, etc. and know the status of work before the D-day. While it gives them a reminder, it also gives you a sense of relief. Apart from this, it is also a good time to convey any last-minute changes and alterations you would want. That way, the vendors will have sufficient time to make the changes possible.

2. Finalise and Confirm the Guest’s Favours

It is usually seen that every other thing is as great as it should be, but the wedding favours for guests. Whether you’ve assigned this task to someone or are indulging in it, it is better to have everything settled a week before — unless it is necessary to bring it just before the day. This will relieve you from the lingering stress that you wouldn’t want in your head at the last moment.

3. The Wedding dress is ready to pick up

Whether you have bought your wedding dress or got it stitched, make sure it is in your closet and not under some godown or the tailor’s stitch machine — two to three days before. Schedule a pickup time following the last fitting, and be sure your dress is seamless and in perfect condition.

4. Communicate with your Bridesmaids

If you haven’t formed a text group with your bridesmaids then it is high time that you should. This will smoothen the process and communication between all of you, which makes it so much easier to share information that will be stored in one place.

You can also set reminders to arrange things and convey the wedding costs in the group text.

5. Get your Facial done

Schedule a date for a facial on the same day as your hair care for a relaxed coddling day. It is wise not to book a facial day close to your wedding as the skin is sensitive, and you wouldn’t want anything wrong to happen. So, plan a facial and hair day even before a week of the Big day.

6. Visit the Wedding Venue

Spare some time out of your busy schedule and give a call to the wedding venue’s manager for a final visit. If you do this, you’ll be able to physically visualise the settings, decor, and event plannings. That way, you will have an idea of any changes that may come to your mind. Which obviously, you can sort out on the spot.

7. Pack for Honeymoon

This is one common thing couples miss out on before their wedding. You should pack your bags for the honeymoon before the wedding day arrives, or at least have a layout of clothes and things you would carry. Of course, you will add toiletries later, but planning and setting things out for your honeymoon in advance will yank the pressure around the wedding.

If you feel there are some more specific things that need attention you must add that as well to your wedding checklist.