The millennials have a way of doing everything unique, even sending their wedding invitations. They have the power of digitalisation and they know how to use it to the most of their benefit.

One such way is how they are moving towards more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions — Wedding E-Invitations.

Earlier, there used to be a time when people had to visit each guest's home to deliver the wedding invitation card. But, these days couples prefer sending e-invites from the comfort of their home. Thanks to the wedding card invitation applications that provide e-invites easily.

However, one thing still becomes a heavy task and hindrance for the couples — change in plans and invitations. Though we have provided our customers with changes even at the last moment, they say they still were not able to communicate effectively about the change in plans to their guests.

And therefore we had to look for a solution that is effective and communicative enough to not let our customers and everyone face these kinds of situations. So, we came up with an effective solution — which is WhatsApp.

Almost everybody uses WhatsApp as the most primary and accessible means of communication. There could be no other means to convey last-minute changes or Invitations.

One way to do that is to design a small message in designing applications like Canva, PicsArt or any other easy photo editing tool.

And the other way is to draft a small professional or a cute/quirky message that everyone is appealed to read.

This invitation message should be personal, from the heart and quirky enough to say it all in the lightest way. You can keep it either extremely personal for each group of people or persons OR you can draft a common message for all of them. Just make sure the tone is light, you apologize for the change in plans, and clearly mention the updated details.

You must add the updated details like time, venue, and date in the wedding invitation. And also a Google Map link if that is essential for your guests to find the new venue or place.

For instance, take a look at the below message: how would you send a WhatsApp Invitation that communicates everything effectively.

Mr Vijeet & Anupama Kohli

Are pleased to invite you to the wedding of their daughter

There is a change in the plan of the wedding and we are extremely sorry for any kind of inconvenience. We are looking forward to your support and blessings for this auspicious day.




Son of Mr Jiten & Mrs Radha Singh

Which will be held on:

Tuesday, 1st  March 2021

05:00 pm - 09:00 pm

At Vennington Court, Raipur

Your presence will be much appreciated


The above message had more of a professional inclination, as per the parent's conventional way of communicating. If you are sending it to someone beloved, you can go all the way creative and quirky, like here:

"She finally said yes!

After going to 50+ restaurants and numerous dates, we have decided to tie the knot!

However, due to some unwanted situations around us, we have decided to change the plans for everyone’s good.

It's finally happening on the 1st of March, 2021 in Raipur.

Time: 05:00 pm.

Your presence is much-awaited and we are excited to have you there."