It is said without words emotions find it difficult to reach your heart. And what more important day could it be other than your nuptials to find emotions spurring into your heart?

The cheers and wishes would be the highest when you’ll cut the cake for the next chapter of your life. This cake can have any beautiful design to make everyone appeal to its aesthetics, but only a small message can melt down your partner’s heart.

Unlike wedding cards and invitations, knowing what to write on the wedding cake in a small space can be difficult.

We are giving you this list of wedding cake wordings that will make your partner drop happy tears!

Cute Quotes

  • Just like this cake, we’ll build a life together and have small bites each day to savour.
  • A lifetime happiness ride begins as we hold hands today.
  • Let’s exchange the cherries on the top, for this life.
  • If I were to cherish anything, it would be all the moments with you.
  • Smooth, Rustic, Granular, Melting, and Sweet. We’ll have it all together in life, just like this cake.
  • If you are the icing on the top, let me be your fluffy base for this life.

Funny Quotes

  • Run! You still have time.
  • Say a Bid Adieu to your freedom.
  • Cut this fast, we have to run for our Honeymoon.
  • Eat, Drink and Be Mine
  • The passports are with me, let’s have the next bite in our favourite place.
  • Promise to make my life flavourful, just like this cake!
  • There are strangers, there are lovers, and then there is a stranger I fell in love with.
  • Be it Dark Forest or a Bright Vanilla, I just love all flavours of you.

Themed Wedding Wordings

Themed weddings are quite popular these days, and having a quote resonating with your theme wedding is just out of this world. Here are some of the wedding quotes that would convey the perfect emotion for the perfect theme wedding.

Beach Wedding

  • Keep Palm and Tie the Knot
  • We are for shore perfect together
  • Are you an Ocean? Because I want to dive into you!
  • Let’s hold hands, Booze, and walk the shore — for life.
  • You are the comforting breeze on the sands, at the dusk of my life.
  • You are the beautiful setting sun, I would visit every day.

Fairytale Wedding Theme

  • This is the beginning of a story our grandchildren will listen to Every Saturday Night.
  • I’ll be the Princess and you’ll be the Prince. It’s a love story baby...say yes!
  • You made me believe in Fairytales, let’s now make one of ours.
  • I think we have met before...In Heaven!
  • I just asked for a fairy...God found me the Queen of Fairies!

Royal Wedding Theme

  • Give me your hand! We have to climb a Beautiful Carriage of Life.
  • Let’s rule the throne together, with Love and everything around.
  • Did I ask for a King? Because you are one!
  • Hold my hands, and we would rock the red carpet!

We hope you have found a wedding quote or saying that you were looking for.

Make your wedding day extra special with any one of these quotes and receive a hug from your spouse right away!

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