Planning a Wedding is a gruelling task and requires inputs from all of the vendors. So, it is necessary that you have the right set of vendors on your planning team. And to analyze their work, checking their social media platforms is not enough.

You need to dive into deep research about them, their work & ethics. And so there are various factors that your vendors should understand about your wedding. Here we have mentioned some mistakes that you should not commit while hiring a vendor for your wedding.

Avoiding asking about sanitization and other safety measures

As we are entering a post-Covid era, where keeping hygienic safety is of utmost importance, we must keep a check on these things. Wedding vendors like photographers, makeup artists, caterers & waiters are going to be in close proximity with your family members. And therefore, you must check about how these vendors have planned/planning to take necessary safety precautions — following the social distancing measures.

Not Inquiring for vendor Monopoly from the Venue

Sometimes the venue has its own vendors and a package associated with it which they disclose post-agreement compliance. These vendors can also a pre-decided panel of vendors they work with, which can be daunting as you will have to work with them and not with anyone of your choice.

And if you like to bring in some other person you will have to pay a surplus or royalty above the vendor charges. So, it is good if you ask the venue for these conditions as a prerequisite.

Not Signing a contract for the deliverables

The days of mere verbal communication and coming to terms are gone. You must take charge of getting all the deliverables on paper from the vendors. This avoids any last moment disputes and shortcomings from either side.

Have contracts drafted and signed with all the deliverables clearly mentioned with particular dates and times of events. This helps both the pirates be safeguarded.

Forgetting to ask Hidden Charges

It is usually seen that people (mostly the first-timers) are unaware of the hidden charges. Let’s say you have booked a wedding venue and all things are clear. But, at the time of the wedding, the venue manager puts up an additional cost at the time of payment for a commodity or service you used during your wedding day.

There can be charges for heating or cooling services, extra charges for some extra tent setup, or any surplus charges for booking a DJ for the night. Whatever they might be, you just have to ask for it. This will help you from spending and withering your decided budget.

Not asking the time for deliverables

Couples usually make the mistake that they asking all the above questions clearly, but forgetting to ask the time range or particular time for deliverables. This one mistake is important to consider to avoid any splashes of surprises on your face in the morning.

If your decorator needs 3 - 5 hours for making the final preparations then make sure the venue is open for them. If the hair makeup usually takes 2 - 4 hours then have a buffer of 1 hour at least for emergencies.

And if your driver at reception is assigned to arrive at 6 in the evening, make sure all the vehicle check-ups are done before reaching the place.

Not asking for Team Size

If you planning an intimate wedding with a limited number of headcounts at the venue, then you must ensure the team members from the vendor’s who’ll be present on the day.

Asking for a headcount on the team will make further communication, preparations, and arrangements seamless for you as well as the wedding venue. Even it gives you the idea that many members attended the wedding from their end. So, it is crucial to ask the team size of the vendors before you book them.

Not sure what questions you should ask before hiring a vendor like a wedding venue? Here’s the list you must keep at your desk when communicating with different vendors.