Choosing a wedding venue should not be just about the beguiling aesthetics of the place. A lot of things come into place before you sign on the dotted line. There are some important details you should ask your wedding venue when scouring for site visits.

Tag along this list of questions that you should ask before booking a wedding venue on your site visits.

Make sure you have these questions and notepads handy to jot down the answers before you meet!

Is my desired date of wedding available? If not, are there any dates around that particular time?

This should be the first question on the list you should ask before booking a wedding venue. If a wedding venue can bring up a date that is suitable on both ends then move forward with further questions.

How far in advance can I book a date?

When you have received a nod from the wedding venue owner for dates, shoot this question to know the policies.

This will help you determine and understand how much before the wedding venue plans for your special day.

Are there different rates for different days? Or any surplus charges or discounts with varying seasons?

This one particular question will help you know if the wedding venue has any special offers or discounts for some particular days and seasons. So that you can accordingly wiggle your wedding dates.

Sometimes, wedding venues have good contact with other vendors like decorators and wedding caterers. They can even have in-house vendors that you can consider including on your wedding checklist.

What are the bathroom facilities and sanitary stations available at your venue? Can I see them?

To keep in account the hygiene and well-being of yourselves and your guests, you must ask this question to your wedding venue.

To ensure the bar of hygiene and cleanliness you can also ask for their permission to see the bathroom facilities. This will let you know if the wedding venue holds its standards or not.

What all capacities like banquet halls and lawns will include in your standard package? And what are the additional charges for adding more spaces?

When you discuss the packages one wedding venue has, do not forget to ask them about the spaces they are providing for standard and premium packages. Also, this will determine how many people are allowed to accommodate for one space.

When can vendors (if you outsource them) arrive for setup?

If you have come to an agreement for outsourcing vendors like caterers and decorators, ask the wedding venue management when they can arrive and set up their things.

This will help vendors to schedule their timings and arrange things accordingly before moving into the halls and lawns for their setup.

Is there a special space for serving beverages and liquors? And are you allowed to serve beverages? If yes, what is the time limit for it?

You should include these questions on your list and ask them straight forward to the wedding venue.

This will help you determine what stocks that you need to keep according to the time limits and the other factors.

Who will be the point person to contact before and on the day of the wedding?

You should ask this question to your wedding venue to keep the alignment of all your wedding functions, any changes/updates that may happen, or if there are any delays/discrepancies in the viability of events.

And you have to convey all of them to the wedding venue through a person to avoid any kind of miscommunications.

Can you show me the contract?

Ask this question when you are ready to move forward with that particular wedding venue. Read every clause on the paper carefully, and do not hesitate to follow up with any other questions that you have.

What is your payment mode?

Move forward with this question when you are abreast of the contract and are looking forward to discussing monetary terms. Ask the wedding venue if they accept payment in installations, tangible cash, or digitally.