A wedding photographer is like a detective who is always on the look for a perfect moment to catch a perfect shot. And you’ll be spending your entire wedding with a detective like him or her. Needles to say, the wedding photographer is the one who will capture all the laughable, emotional, sentient, and close moments.

Moreover, he or she is the only one who could take you back to your wedding as many times as you want through the photos snapped. Therefore, it is necessary that you find a wedding photographer that meets your needs and the style of photography you want.

But, before you organise a meeting with any of the options you have selected amongst your city or destination place — ensure you already have the dates of events marked on the calendar. This will help you as well as the photographer to move forward based on the availability on those specific dates.

Now that you have filtered the photographers based on their portfolio and availability, you go ahead with a physical or virtual meeting to know the potential — asking a good set of questions before finalisation.

Make sure you have the right set of questions and a pad handy to jot down the points before you set up a meet!

What is the style of your photography and can I see your samples?

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Most probably you’ll hear words like “traditional” or “photojournalistic” or “lifestyle” or “fine art” for the styles of photography, but most of them blur the lines between each style. So, it is a must if you ask for some samples so he or she lets you peruse his or her work.

Are you the one who will be photographing my wedding?

This is one of the vital questions you must ask initially in the meeting. If the person on the other side nods, then you are good to go ahead. This is mostly when the photographer works on an individual basis.

However, if you have contacted a wedding studio/company, make sure the person you’re talking to appears on your wedding day. If not, ask to communicate with the right person. Why? Because this gives a clear picture of the potential and etiquette of the photographer who appears on the big day.

Are you familiar with photographing at my place?

If it is a nod, then you must ask for shots taken at the venue to make sure he or she conjoins with your vision. And if it is a headshake, which is not a no-no, you must ask them to come and overview the place in advance for better exposure.

Are you insured with your gigs?

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Professional photographers do have their gigs insured in case of any equipment damage, stolen, or accidental drops.

What if you fall sick or an emergency appears and you won’t be able to photograph my wedding?

This is one of the most worrying and uneasy questions for an individual photographer, yet important to ask. Why? Because one should have a backup plan or a person so to prevent any last moment alterations.

What is your standard package? And what are the surplus charges for premium packages?

This will determine the quality, quantity, and rates of different ranges of packages a photographer has. And for that, you will be able to decide on the package based on your budget for the wedding.

Can I customise the package according to my needs?

This is one question, not every photographer would agree to. However, sometimes asking may turn out agreeing with them. This will help the photographer wiggle his packages and tell you the rates and services meeting your needs — in accordance with his or her potential of photographing.

How many hours are included in a package? How much do extra hours will cost me?

This will help you determine the arrival time of the photographer and the timely coverage of events. Also, how much he or she will charge extra for an hour.

How long have you been photographing weddings? How many weddings have you shown your potential?

This determines the experience of the photographer in years as well as the weddings he or she has been a part of. Thus, gives you an insight into the capabilities of the wedding photographer.

Do you work mostly individually or have an assistant?

This is a subjective question to ask. In response to this, the photographer might even ask what the magnitude of the wedding is. If you have planned an intimate wedding then you shall not require an assistant photographer.

However, if you have planned a gregarious place to host your wedding, there’s a possibility the photographer might suggest an assistant.

Moreover, a question tags along with this question. What is the extra charge for a second person?

Can we order the prints or albums directly from you?

Definitely, this question is a cross line over an additional To-do for your wedding. If your photographer can provide you with the albums then you don’t need to look for a printing shop to get one.

But, also make sure to ask the rates according to the number of pages, design, and material quality of the album.

What do you love so much about photographing weddings?

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This will and should be a question close to the heart of a photographer. And you as a customer should closely look at the response of the photographer. It will help you get a sense of the photographer’s personality and determine if he or she genuinely gets excited to be a part of your wedding day.

Can you show me the contract?

Ask this question when you are ready to move forward with that particular photographer. Read every clause on the paper carefully, and do not hesitate to follow up with any other question that you have.

What is your payment mode? Is there a refund or cancellation policy?

Move forward with this question when you are abreast of the contract and are looking forward to discussing monetary terms. Ask the photographer if he or she accepts payment in installations, tangible cash, or digital payments.

In addition to that, you may ask if there is a cancellation policy. However, it may sound a little offbeat but do not hesitate, because this will clearly let you know the points in case of any emergency, change of events, or discrepancies.