Both of you want your wedding to be the most special event, and adding a personal touch with glimpses of you both as a couple will surely notch that up.

On average, nearly 10 million weddings take place every year in India. Though the number has reduced due to the pandemic, the commonalities still stay intact. And you wouldn’t want to be a part of the crowd and have a run-of-the-mill wedding. The best way to personalise your wedding is to show who you as a couple are. But...How do you do that?

Here’s a list of ideas that will tell your story and unravel the personal touch that you two have.

1. Thoughtful and Unmatched Invitations

To add uniqueness to your wedding, consider avoiding generic invites and standard invitations. Ask yourself. What is your story? What is your love about? What makes you two special together?

The answer to these questions will be your design and ideas on your invitation card. And don’t just settle with good design and ideas. Include caricatures to your wedding invitation cards to baffle the guests upon seeing the imitations of you two on paper or digitally as e-invite.

2. Bespoke Wedding Vows

Don’t just be limited to traditional vows at your wedding. Consider including vows you both have written for each other. Just be concise with your words and don’t take it too long.

It can be a small message that you want to recite in front of your daily and friends. You can be creative in conveying these special vows and messages by coming up with innovative ways to say things to each other.

3. Personal Messages

Get your friends and family to write personal messages for you, and raise a toast in front of everyone at your reception soiree. Have a special message session, where everybody will share how they have been with you two.

And don’t forget to have innovative ways to store these messages, like in bottles or in a jumbo box.

4. Get Custom with Attire

You don’t have to go with the run-of-the-mill outfits. Drink up a creative juice and get bespoke with designs, colours, and textures to add to your wedding attire.

Wear customisable footwear, and pair it with heirloom as an additional accessory. All in all, just be creative and communicative with your partner so the uniqueness unfolds twice.

5. Adorable Wedding Rings

Don’t just limit your choice of rings to what is displayed under the transparent glasses. Rather, ask the jewellery designer to design a custom ring for you both, that defines you two and no one else in this world.

6. Exceptional Wedding Reception

Because everyone is setting up a stage for the couples to be seated, you don’t have to do the same. Bend some rules and plan a beautiful seating arrangement for your guests.

Personally visit each of these tables separately and receive their blessing & wishes. This is one creative way to look at things and be innovative with them — you just need some creative juice soaked in your head.

By now you must have decided or come up with an idea of your own. You can even take ideas from your wedding experts like wedding decorator, wedding venue, wedding photographer, and invitation vendor to make it special. Because when it comes to personalising your wedding events, even the sky is not the limit!