Cake cutting ceremonies in Indian Weddings have now become prevalent. And the traditional wedding cakes, we know, will never go out of style. But, are you looking for something unique to offer to your guests? We have made this list of wedding cake alternatives you can choose from that your guests will love.

Couples these days look for something extremely unique. And why they should not? After all, it’s the only time they can be the most creative to cherish the implementations later.

And when everything from decor to cuisine to entrances is unique, why should cakes be packed inside boxes? Actually, let’s keep the cake inside boxes and bring up something uniquely creative that your guests and you will definitely love!

Have your fingers and eyes stop at one of these!

Cake Pops

As the name suggests, these are small cakes in the shape of popsicles. Each individual cake is dipped in frosting and decorated with garnishing and icing of your choices, which can be choco chips, butterscotch, or cotton candy.

You can set them up in trays at a station, and guests can pick them up to enjoy the various delicacies you have to offer.

Photo by Anna Bratiychuk / Unsplash

Cupcake Pillar/Tower

A Cupcake Tower can be the best alternative to a cake when it comes to ease of serving. Also, there are a variety of flavours available that can be adorned with various toppings so that there is something for everyone.

And if you are concerned about the health of everyone, you can have gluten-free and sugar-free options at the table. That way you will be able to cater to the dietary requirement of the guests.

Cupcakes with pastel sprinkles
Photo by Jennie Brown / Unsplash

Barfi tower

Who doesn’t like to have Barfi in Indian Weddings? There can’t be an Indian Wedding without barfi. If you are fond of traditional milk substitutes and also want an alternative for a cake, then having Barfi is the most appropriate option.

Adding some unique flavours like Anjeer or Carrot is a yummy twisted idea for your guests and you cannot resist savouring.

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Brownie Batch

Stacking brownie bricks is again an extremely good alternative to a mountain of cake. Consider having different tongue tantalizers and top it off with strawberry pieces, edible flowers, or nuts to make it attractive.

But, if you can just visualise your guests drooling over chocolate, then install a chocolate fountain for dripping melted chocolate over brownies.

Photo by Pushpak Dsilva / Unsplash

Install a Dessert Bar

If you were looking for more, then we also have the urge to give you more. Set up a station inclusive of cake pops, cupcakes, barfis, brownies, macaroons, indian sweets, cookies, chocolates, and whatnot. Your guests would be lured to see the variety at the station and would want to try their tongues at everything.

Also, consider having a small cake on the table. That will keep your guests happy for their cake-only desires.

"honey toast pocky strawberry" from magnolia dessert bar & coffee in Vienna, Virginia
Photo by Jessica Tan / Unsplash

So, these were some of the best cake alternatives you can have at the dessert station. Just make sure you convey the headcounts to your wedding caterer for the reason you’ll see all the bees around this particular spot in the ceremony.