Planning a wedding is like planning a massive project, and one of the most exciting parts of this beautiful project is purchasing a ring for your would-be (or better half as you may call it later!).

Some couples have already made the decision to go with something specific in mind, while others reach the jewellery store and then decide. Whichever group you fall to, there is never a shortage of unique and interesting designs that represent your love for each other as well as your personal type.

Before you directly reach out to a jewellery store and pan your vision through the translucent glass to select a ring, we want you to go through these ring-buying basics and then head to the store.

These engagement rings and pairings will help you find the inspiration & ideas that enable you to make a good decision choosing a ring for your better half.

1. Style

First and foremost, be specific with the style of the ring — which goes in tandem with your would-be’s personality. Visualise what kind of design and fashion would be an exact match with the personality of your better half.

Make sure, you coordinate with each other while purchasing rings, and also not utter everything out  — just to keep the suspense and surprise. Only discuss what pattern, design, shape or ornament of the ring you both have selected. This will help you find rings that look perfect for each other.

2. Comfort

Your lifestyle plays a major role in choosing a ring for him or her. As you’ll be wearing the ring for years, choose one that gives you the feeling of comfort and does not dig into your fingers.

For example, choosing a simple round band can be the best choice for couples who love comfort as well as elegance. Other considerations would be rounded edges with the placement of one or two small diamonds — enriching the elegance.

3. Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle should have a profound impact on your decision to choose the ring for your life-long partner. If they are a person who is active and always works with their hands, they tend to prefer a simplistic ring. If they have a more sedentary lifestyle they can choose a fashion-oriented ring rather than going with practically functional.

And if your would-be partner loves fashion, style, and elegance then you might go with a brilliant band of sparkling diamonds.

4. Shape

Depending on the style sense and tastes of your future partner, the shape of the ring can vary accordingly. Often a large centre stone with a high setting, or an ancient stone, or diamond in steps may require a curved band that nestles the stone and other ornaments in between without creating a gap.

5. Texture Metal

While most women love the shimmering patterns and gleaming metal surfaces of gold or platinum, there are a plethora of options other than smooth polished rings. Hammered rings, in contrast to a smooth ring, are considered fashionable and striking for both costume and luxury jewellery.

For example, a hammered gold band pops up with even a simple engagement ring; adding a unique look, not every bride or groom would have. Brushed and matte finish bands on the engagement rings are also prevailing choices that make a lovely, purposefully incongruous pairing.

6. Go Custom

It will be great to visit some physical stores (or even online retail) to find some ideas and inspirations. Visiting physical stores in and around your city might find you your ideal engagement ring that is perfect for your wouldbe.

However, some future couples would still not find “the one” engagement ring in the retail stores. If you are looking for something peculiar and ornate, we suggest going with a custom-designed ring would be a great option instead.

Convey your idea and thoughts to the jewellery designer, and communicate personally about your would-be, the style, and how you would like the ring to look.

Professional jewellery designers are capable of transforming your ideas into reality with their sheer skills and experience. Why not make use of it?

So, if you’re looking for something out-of-this-world and want some specific things on your wedding and engagement ring, consider reaching out to a jewellery designer.

A Take Home message for you

Shopping for wedding engagement rings can be the most exciting and romantic experience of your life. It is a worthwhile investment to the love and the bond you’ll share, which reminds you of the person anytime and every time as you look at the ring.

So, take good time to find inspiration, good ideas and a ring that suits your other half’s personality type.

After all, having unique ring pairs make your wedding and life even more special when no other person has the same ring combination that you two have. Unique wedding rings will result in a beautiful and shining love story that will last until eternity!