The year 2020 and most of 2021 have been a time of virtual and local weddings. Couples didn’t want to step out of their' and their guests’ feet out of their houses due to the risk factor it could’ve involved.

But, now the situation seems to be good and most are looking for something uniquely out-of-the-box. And for that very reason, couples are now in search of great destinations for their weddings that they can tick off their wedding checklist.

Finding destinations for your wedding, in these testing times is really not a piece of cake. You never know if a destination looks beautiful but is on the low side for precautions or vice versa. And as the Indian Destination Weddings trends are setting in and resurfacing, here we have listed some of the most awe-inspiring destinations to take your vows that will leave you love-struck for its beauty and arrangements.

If you are already pumped up with other wedding arrangements this could be the last call to make the bookings in your hands. Here is a list of the Best Wedding Destinations in India!

1. Kerala - God’s Own Country

As the name depicts, having a destination wedding in God’s Own country will have an abundance of blessings of God bestowed upon you. It is filled with inland water bodies which are famous for their sprawling backwaters.

Kerala is going to be that one magnificent place to have a Destination Wedding.

Look deep into nature, and then you will 
understand everything better. 
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Best Venue - The Leela, located at Kovalam is the best resort that will mesmerize you with its beauty.

Best Time - The natural beauty of Kerala oozes during monsoons, so September to February will be the best time to take your vows.

2. Havelock Island - Andaman Islands

Tie the knot in one of the cleanest and pleasant beaches of India. Go round about the fire amidst blue skies, clear waters, and golden sands in a place of all year pleasant weather.

My favourite places on earth are the wild waterways where the forest opens its arms and a blue sea folds me into its embrace.🌊🌴🌾🖤
The clearest way into the sea is through a forest wilderness.🌳☮️❣️
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Best Venue - The Munjoh Ocean Resort will be the best pick for its lavishly remarkable and unique resorts in Indian territory.

Best Time - Tourists rush to this beautiful land of islands from October to April, but an ideal time would be September to May considering excluding the monsoons.

3. Nasik - Divine Environment

Located around some of the most beautiful temples, and resting in the hills and waterfalls that are sure to make you go romantic, Nasik is the ideal place to have a cost-effective destination wedding. Famous for its vineyards, this religious place is perfect to go round about the fire.

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Best Venue - Sula Vineyards will create magical moments of the commencement of a new life against the lush green backdrops of Vineyards.

Best Time - The best time to tie the knot is Sula Vineyards, Nasik is November of embracing winters and March of welcoming summers.

4. Agra - An Ode to Love

This historical city of India with an archaic symbol of love, what could be better than having to say “Kabool Hai” in this city of love? Make your wedding day as special as it can be by booking a place for a Royal Wedding.

Taj Mahal
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Best Venue - Mansingh Palace and Oberoi Amarvilas are the most sought after places for having a larger than life wedding in this city of love.

Best Time - The time period of November to March is the most pleasant to say “Kabool hai” at this place.

5. Jim Corbet - Exotic Wedding Location

Are you both drawn by the gorgeous river scenery, chilly air of hills and natural beauty? If that levitates your feet off the ground then Jim Corbet is the place you will want to be for your Destination Wedding in 2022.

In the lap of nature, away from all the noises, this place provides the perfect ambience to celebrate the most special day of their life. And while there are no functions and ceremonies, guests can enjoy their leisure time in the best spots of India.

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Although getting married in such a beautiful place is indeed a beautiful thing, you must ensure and have a talk with local authorities for permissions and grants.

Best Venue - The Roar Resort, The Den Corbett, and the Corbett River Creek Resort are some of the sought after places to have a remarkable wedding.

Best Time - October to June is the time you will find yourself immersed in the beauty along with precautions at this place.

We hope that gives you one of a kind options for your search of Wedding Destinations in India apart from all the Run-of-the-mill places everyone is visiting. Now, you must not wait to say those two beautiful words “I do” before someone else finds this list and decides to swipe cards.