What are the food items that can form long queues at a food stall for an entire evening? And what are the food items which are trending this season?

To answer both of these questions we have listed down the Unique food items that you should not miss out on in your Wedding Menu.

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This is a look for any party. The decorations are simple because we wanted the food to radiate and bring the color to the tablescape.
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Apart from anything in a wedding, may it be decor, bridal trousseau, or any kind of wedding arrangement, it is the food that lures people and ties a knot with their hearts. And in recent times, Indian weddings are witnessing a lot of changes and modifications with every year passing by. And to cope up with the ever-growing changes we have made this list for your ever-growing love of food!

These are some of the 5 unique food items which are in high demand this wedding season. Ask your caterer to buckle up and get ready for adding awesomeness to the wedding cuisine.

Kathi Rolls

Originating from West Bengal, Kathi Rolls are now becoming popular in the northern part of India. These Kathi Rolls are filling, easy to eat, and absolutely delicious. Installing a food station especially for Kathi Rolls will get your guests on their toes forming queues.

They will love the idea of the demand for ingredients or including it in the serving menu — if you want everyone to have wide eyes and dazzling smiles on their faces.

For a good twist, you can offer complimentary dips and chutneys that will make the already perfect meal more perfect.

Sundry Macarons

At any wedding, desert stations are always found like bees around a nest. Everyone from adults to kids to senior citizens loves to have deserts. Most Indian Wedding Couples prefer going for cakes and pastries. How about taking a different route and French Patisserie and different options of macarons at the table?

Macaron Multitude
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To be more creative with macarons, you can give them to your guests in small boxes printed with the initials of you two printed on them. This will make them remember attending your wedding for a long time and receiving this small gift for attending it.

Gourmet Mithai

Indian Sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, and Halwa all have become monotonous in Indian Weddings. Frankly speaking, we are also over it!

It is better to ask your caterer if they can prepare the delicious Gourmet Mithai platter which will be totally new to the taste of the tongue.

Some food Photography
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Mithai like Chocolate Motichoor Laddoo, Baklawa Barfi and Anjeer Halwa are some of the most loved Gourmet sweets that should be on the menu if you are not planning to have those traditional Indian Wedding Mithai.

Fritter Food

Fritters (or anything which is a fried dish) are the favourite snacks of every Indian. But going with the same old tastes and ingredients is too old fashioned now. What you must do is include assorted foods like Asparagus and Anchovies along with the regular onion, brinjal, potato and cheese fritters.

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Make sure all these are filled inside one bucket so your guests get the taste of sundry ingredients revolving in their mouths all night.

By now we are sure that you know there is a lot more you can do than just going for Indian and Continental dishes. And we believe you must include these Unique food items in your Wedding Menu.

Now which food item you cannot wait to have at your wedding?