We are sure brides-to-be this season are looking for wedding inspo like dresses, photos, decor and cakes. And when you are searching for these things you want you are constantly thinking of upbeating the social media game. To make all that research worthy and that your guests would love, here are things that you should do to make your wedding Instagram-worthy.

1. Go for Bold Colors

When selecting colours for the theme of your wedding, choose a bold spectrum with neutral hues to balance the beauty when photographed.

For example, a rich red spectrum can go with light hues of cream. And that would be a charm to everything in your wedding, even if there are some shortcomings in elements on the big day.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

The colours in Instagram images and videos pop up and look adorable, thereby magnifying the intensity of pictures.

2. Have a Great Lighting

Lightning plays a crucial role in making your videos and pictures stand out. Although mood lighting can generate a soothing experience, it is not attractive to lenses. So, sit and discuss with your event planner, wedding planners and photographers to have a perfect combination of lighting and reflectors that will sparkle your album and videos.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

Perfect lighting at your wedding will add liveliness to your pictures and make them charming to see. So, when someone scrolls they’ll immediately be hooked by the bright and sparkling nature of your photos.

3. Add some explosion of Colors

Colourful smoke bombs create a dreamy and ethereal backdrop for all the outdoor settings. Use them when clicking your photos, and only choose bold & bright colours to gleam the look.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

Smoke bombs will add punchiness and depth to your photos. The contrasting bold colours in respect to your attire will be eccentric throughout.

4. Go Nostalgic

Adding archaic elements or anything from the past will always be a great idea for your backdrops and backgrounds. By just perching these nostalgic elements, plain settings will have liveliness.

These elements can be some old bicycles, or vintage cars — if the budget allows you to have that.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

Anything nostalgic in your wedding setting will magnify the intensity of your photos and will give you more room to experiment with poses and shots. And who wouldn’t want to have aesthetic feeds with a pinch of nostalgia in it?

5. Invite Furs and Paws

Bringing in pet animals at your wedding is a rising trend. And what cuter & naturally appealing your photos will make than having a four-legged, dangling tongue furry pet by your side.

Incorporating pet animals will naturally make happy and jovial pictures come out of the lens with ease.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

When you post these pictures with pets while you are already looking the most beautiful, those crow’s feet will just come along naturally with candids and smiles.

6. Be creative with Entertainment and Shenanigans

One way to amaze your guests is to be creative with the fun factor of your events and ceremonies. Hire some out-of-the-box entertainment, bring fireworks, great thumping music and caricature artists, magicians, or a photo booth to bloom the event.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

When you add these things to your wedding ceremonies and events, you have already created a large room for fun, love, and shenanigans — which eventually brings in the most natural and lively photos that are perfect for your Instagram's aesthetic feed.

7. Stay away from Instagram

This may sound weird to you, but you should not lock in the current trends on Instagram. Because by the time you’ll be done with your wedding and will post that to your feed, that trend will already be gone.

So, it is better you look for some other places like Pinterest and blogs of Wedding Websites for the upcoming trends.

How is it Instagram-Worthy?

Well, not searching for trends on Instagram is worthy because that is what will make your posts trendy, and that will be worth it!