We know it feels great to be at home, and plan your wedding while you work from home. However, with all snuggly and mushy comfort comes the dreaded feeling of not working out.

But, you both as a couple need to turn the gears to be perfect on your wedding day. Though gyms and yoga centres are open, we suggest you might not want to go considering the risk of infection. So what if you cannot visit gyms and yogic centres to keep yourself healthy. These different no-equipment workout videos will surely make you jump out of your bed.

We know exercising can be boring. But, nothing feels boring when you both challenge each other with rewards such as binge-watching Squid Game once you have achieved the workout target.

Here you drip sweat with these workouts.

Cute Couple Workout

In these difficult times, you cannot wait for things to be totally normal and then get into action. Practising self-care and feeding your body good and heartily meals will make you active enough to enjoy the days before, during, and after the wedding. Watch the video above to feel a sense of accomplishments post workouts.

Cute Couple Workout before Wedding

Sweat with Fun

Keeping your workout sessions fun and playful is the foremost thing you want to have when beginning with it. You are certain to lose interest if it becomes monotonous and repetitive. Make your workout challenging by competing with your partner. Just make sure you keep your workout sessions short but focusing on all of the body parts.

Sweat it Out before your Wedding 

Building Strength & Cardio Workout

The secret is to keep the rhythm of workouts increasing from slow to fast with short intervals of rest. This makes the body thrive harder than cardio at a constant rate. It helps in burning extra calories and reduces the chance of heart diseases, lower blood pressure, increase cholesterol.

Workout for Building Strength and Cardio before Wedding

Intense Couple Workout

Sometimes workouts need to be vigorous and how this couple has done that. These vigorous exercises as shown in the video are realistic to the core and will help you make your core strong.

Intense Workout Sessions before Wedding

Get Started with Yoga

Yoga is the best exercise and recreational activity when it comes to mental and physical ordeals. Practising Yoga is one of the most spiritually healing exercises, that will help you help you overcome mental stress and connect deeply with your partner. Reckoning the benefits Yoga can help to strengthen bones, improve balance, relieve depression, and reduce stress.

Yoga Sessions with partner before wedding

Enjoy Zumba Sessions

Not in a wave for a serious workout? Have fun with Zumba. Zumba is a full-body cardio and aerobic workout which focuses on heavy elimination of calories along with fun. Experts claim, one hour of Zumba can burn 300-900 Calories. Isn’t it super cool?

Fun Zumba Sessions Workout before Wedding

Which workout will your try with your beau?