We are sure you didn’t know about this! A mandap, which is a canopied altar, is the symbolic representation of a home that the bride and groom will build together.

We think, why not make this symbolic home more embracing with modern chandeliers?

A mandap, no doubt holds the topmost importance on your day of the wedding. It is a sacred place where you both will be taking the vows for your life, and decorating it with flowers or crystals is just not enough. Modern wedding decorators have used their brains to evolve the mandap decoration with fine details and subtle inclusion of elements, such as drapes, frills, motifs, and more.

A chandelier is now a new addition to this evolving pattern of mandap decoration. These modern chandeliers transform the mandap into a magical place along with beautifully decorated soft-hued flowers, drapes, and more.

And this list will help you find an idea for a modern chandelier that you can ask your wedding decorator to arrange and install for your wedding.

These were some of the modern chandelier ideas that you can install in your wedding mandap. For more such ideas and guides click here.