Have you planned your wedding reception? Or are you still planning to search for the wedding menus, the event schedule, creating playlists?

Even if you are sorted with everything with your wedding planning, there is a certainty for last-minute hiccups. And the only way to deal with them is to be prepared for everything.

However, there are still some errors that can lead to disasters at the last moment, making you embarrass for the wrong happening.

To make sure mishaps don’t appear in between your joyous moments, follow these tips to seal the deal for reception no less than a blockbuster gala.

Planning Mistakes in Wedding Reception

These are some common planning mistakes that couples tend to make while planning for their wedding reception. These mistakes are usually overlooked and you must ensure that you do not belong to those couples. Just bookmark this list and be aware of the glitches that might happen.

1. Ineffective Schedule

Having a schedule is having a basic outline of the events that will help everyone be coherent with each other’s tasks. It helps all your vendors to be in sync from setting the right time to initiate food stalls, serve drinks, get the dance floor ready, and other preparations.

You must have a talk with your Wedding Planner to ensure everything is flowing in the right direction so that your parents don’t miss that special performance on the dance floor.

2. Excessive Food options

This is one common mistake almost every couple commits for their wedding. We know it’s great to provide a multi-cuisine experience for your guest’s taste buds. However, going too far with multiple platters and palettes shouldn’t be the option.

For this, you want to give a thought to the event timing and date. If the wedding reception is right after the wedding (or in 2 to 3 hours of gap), your guests wouldn’t want to tantalize their taste buds for out-of-the-box tasters.

Instead, try a structured set of crowd-pleasers, a basic dinner, desserts, and some fluids to fill their stomachs with fluids. And make sure, all of these things are set up at one section of the wedding venue. You wouldn’t want the crowd rushing all through the place to fill up their dinner plates.

3. Not sharing important plans & information

It is good to share your wedding reception details on your wedding invitations cards. But, sometimes these details go fuzzy in the rush hours of wedding planning. This usually happens when you are designing some special invitations or e-invitations for your close family and friends.

While designing the invitation in an application go through the events you have decided, if there’s a theme for the wedding or a special request for special people. Mention all those details on the invitation so that your guests don’t find themselves a surprise for their wedding day.

Execution Mistakes in Wedding Reception

These are some common mishappens that occur during the reception. To organise a wedding reception in an Indian Wedding is a big task, and you must ensure that you don’t become one of those couples. Be mindful of these small glitches and bookmark this list.

4. Keeping things extremely normal

Don’t just stick to normal things and make everything normalised. Wedding receptions are supposed to be remarkable events and they can become boring if you’re not careful enough.

To make it fun and entertaining, you need to put a good thought behind it. Be creative with food counters, add activities for your guests to have fun, make a really good music playlist; allowing guests to pick up songs for themselves.

Everything you do, just don’t make the event predictable for your guests. Because then you would only be remembered for those boring ideas and not for the out-of-the-box ideas that your guests would love to implement for their functions.

5. Absorbed in reception photoshoot

There can be a no bigger turn-off for your guests than feeling ignored and marginalized. This can happen if you two are immersed in clicking reception photos.

Your guests are here to be involved in your happiness. And if you are involved in something else then you are disrespecting their presence. Rather, be with them and take good care of their presence.

For you clicking seshs, you can have that after or before the event. Or you can make your siblings, bridesmaids, or groomsmen be with your guests and add a fun element to your reception while you take a couple of good pictures.

We think you have got an idea of how these common mistakes can steer your wedding reception in the most wrong direction. And we don’t want you to do that!

Also, if you got any other errors that you think happens usually, add that to the list of errors as well. And make sure you don’t commit these errors on and for your special soiree.