Have you set-up dates for your special day for the dawn of the new year 2022? Did you nod for this question? If yes, then these are the ideas you must consider to make your 2022 wedding truly unique. We’ve covered these ideas for your nuptials that are totally, and utterly unique!

1. DIY Cocktail Bar

This is purely a fun way to get your guests moving and get involved in the wedding reception. Set up a quirky bar where they can serve themselves DIY drinks and a sure-fire hit with everyone. It will be a creative initiative for your guests to break the ice and encourage them to mingle.

2. Song Requests in RSVPs

Ask them to write their favourite songs in RSVPs. This will save you time in creating a list of songs that would be perfect for your wedding. And that way, you won’t have to insist your guests hit the dance floor when their favourite song plays — because they have already agreed to a no-excuse form.

And if you look for great suggestions, try going digital. Use Spotify’s playlist and add all of the invitees to that list. Keep adding the songs, and do not forget to have a separate private list so a Sharma Aunty doesn’t delete all the songs.

3. Video Guest Box

Instead of going traditional, we suggest, let your creative juices flow and be interactive to hire a video kiosk. For that, guests can easily record their blessings and instead of written cards, you’ll have all-expression moving images. Also, if you don’t want to spend a bit from your pocket, then plug in a smartphone or an iPad for recordings.

4. Instagram Hashtags

Create Instagram Hashtags or a generic hashtag to tag it everywhere. Use methods to generate hashtags that will have the names of both of you as a couple. It is an amazing way to capture every moment of your wedding.

5. Disposable Camera Photos

Leave a disposable or an instant camera at each table for your guests to capture moments from your special day. This way you’ll have a good number of print photos to add to your wedding album. Let them be free with their photos and in the end, ask them which ones they would like to take along.

Did any of these ideas get your imagination turned on? We think it has! To get more such amazing ideas check WedNicely's  Ideas.