Indian Weddings are no less than a rollercoaster. Boarded with emotions like happiness, new beginnings, fun stories and festive vibes; it all comes together in a package. Ticking each task on your wedding checklist or to-do list is the biggest achievement. And all these achievements and completion of tasks are made possible by the support and backing of our family members. They are the ones who make this grand and lavish affair, a big merrymaking event.

Moreover, these trying times has made things more difficult to execute. And in spite of things losing from hands these people ensure that your close-knit small wedding of 50 people becomes a lifetime memory to cherish.

Our loved ones and family members are always standing upfront through thick and thin, and especially at our weddings. And therefore, it is our obligation to express gratitude in the most thoughtful ways that they never could have fathomed.

Here are some of the ideas for thanking your family members to host a great small wedding!

1. Uniquely Tailored Thank You Notes

If you are good with words, then inking words on paper can be a great option to swoon your close ones. There are various options from quirky to emotional to happy-go-lucky that you avail from the market to show your love to them.

You can even ink some lines of a poem that is close to the heart of the person. Or you can turn your sparkling thoughts onto paper with calligraphy for a more aesthetic appearance.

Gifting your loved ones with any of these would be a special takeaway for their life. So, make sure you pay good attention to this idea.

2. Incorporate your Parents’ wedding elements into your own

One lovely idea to make your parents’ hearts full of love is to inherit or incorporate something from their wedding (just don’t let them know about it). It not only makes them feel loved and wonderful but also you feel special. Be it your mother’s saree, the necklace she wore or a tie, watch that your father grooved with; these ideas will surely make your small wedding a breathtaking one.

Also, don’t forget to take along your parents on stage and deliver a short speech about how much they have done for you. And mention this is a sign of #continuinglegacyoflove which you want to continue forever.

3. A Heartfelt Speech

It may sound like a little Bollywood drama.  But trust us when you step on the stage and take a pause to start your speech, they’ll be all ears and attention towards you. A loving speech delivered with a pure heart will fill your parents’ and loved ones’ hearts with immense tears of joy.

You can either go original and pour your heart on a piece of paper or take inspiration from a film speech dialogues. To make the activity more fun, you can have an open mic session where your parents and guests will have an opportunity to share things.

4. Wedding Favours and everything around

The list of wedding favours and personalised gifts is endless. You can curate special gift boxes, personalised initials-engraved goodies, or anything that you feel is close to their heart.

You see, a good thing about small weddings is you have the freedom and budget to think about making things personalised. Be it a creative box of happiness, initials-carved masks, sanitisers or homemade delicacies, your loved ones will feel appreciated and blessed to receive a token like this from you.

5. Include the favourite dishes on menu

As Indians say, “The passage to reach someone’s heart goes through appetite”, and that’s what you have to do to make your loved ones feel special. Have a talk with your wedding caterer to include the special dishes your parents and loved ones drool over.

Bring them a palette of their favourite dishes and savour them with your own hands to make the moment extra special.

Trust us, they will never forget this moment for their entire life!

6. Come together for the final dinner

The best way to conclude small wedding festivities is to have your dinner with your family and loved ones together. It would be a great session of love passing over the table, laughter sharing among others, and putting memories into the belly with the scrumptious food, fun stories and good company.

Make sure for a small wedding of nearly 50 people, the catering staff & services are good enough to serve them the best on the table. That would make them feel loved and feel the gratification you took efforts for.

7. After Wedding Festivities

Who said the wedding festivities are over after the final dinner? There must be a super-secret surprise ready for them! Indian weddings are full of festival vibes even after the D-day continuing with a ring & milk water ceremony and a grand reception night.

Arrange something really special like a game night, or fun circle session of laughter and stories, to continue the aura of celebrations and happiness.

You can either choose some of the ideas for thanking your family for such a great wedding or take away all of them to make it an amazing close-knit small wedding event.

Also, Do let us know about the additions and variations you infuse into these ideas!