Are you searching for captions you can post under your beautiful couple pictures? We have all kinds of captions sorted for you to make it heartfelt.

After your wedding, it’s never big things that make your spouse happy and loved. It is always the tiniest of things you do to make their day. Things like preparing a meal for them, taking them to their favourite restaurant that they have been longing to go to, or just posting pictures with beautiful captions for no reason.

And when it comes to captions, usually everyone starts to fumble and juggle between words, of what and how to express. Do not worry, we now have figured it out for you.

We have written captions for every mood and personality, so you don’t pull back to expressing your feelings.

The Super Romantic Spouses

These captions are for couples who love to post extremely romantic pictures on their feed. The pictures can be from your honeymoon or a place you went and posed romantically. If you are looking for captions for such pictures, then here are the perfect words that would go with your beautiful pictures.

“The minute I met you I knew that there was something about you I needed. But so many years later, I figured out today that it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.”

“I have never loved you any more than I do, right now. I’ll never love you any less than I do, right now. So here’s to spending a lifetime loving you as much as I love you, right now!”

“If dreaming of you keeps me asleep, then being with you is what keeps me alive.”

“If I ever had a chance to turn back the clock, all I’d want to do is find you sooner and love you longer.”

For The Fun Loving Couples

While we think most couples are romantic all the way, there seems to be a peculiarity with some of them. Some couples love to have fun, laugh out loud, play mischiefs, and enjoyment to their life. They just enjoy each other’s company and they like to reflect that presence everywhere. And for these couples, here are some of the captions for social media you can go with.

“I was not looking for an alpha male to protect me. I didn’t want a big, strong man to fight for me. Neither did I want a geek to educate me. All I ever needed was a crazy partner that makes me look like the sane one amongst the two. And that’s exactly what I love about you!”

"Being a good husband/wife to you is exactly like being a stand-up comedian. I need at least 10 years of experience before I can call myself a beginner."

“Being married to you is the easiest thing I have had to do. Each day better than the previous, each moment more fun than the next, and each emotion more real than it will ever be!”

For seemingly Quarrelling Couples

If you look at these couples from a distance they always seem to have some quarrel over anything. It seems like they are always fighting over one or the other thing, but in reality, that’s their way of loving each other.

However, it sometimes happens that the seemingly quarrelsome activity turns out to be a wrestle. And for those times, when you cannot stay quiet for long without your spouse and cannot even talk, here are some captions that will help you. Post your favourite pictures along with these captions to put some water on the fire.

“It’s not the butterflies in my stomach that tell me I’m in love with you. But the pain I feel after a fight with you signifies what you mean to me. Happy Anniversary to my one and only! ”

“We fight through all the bad days to be able to cherish the good days so much more!”

“The thing about loving you is that yelling only feels good while I’m doing it because as soon as you are not around, all I want to do is take it all back. So here’s to another year of fighting, apologizing, forgiving and then fighting again!”

Which captions according to you will help you out expressing your feelings?

Take a cue from these captions, but also be open to adding creativity and originality. Put words and emotions that evoke and plays the musical strings in your spouse’s heart, because words are only true when you mean them from the deep core of your heart.

Tell us your tiny caption story on our Instagram and we will feature your story along with the picture on our blog and social media handles.