It’s a common perception that Wedding Planners or Wedding Planning Companies in India only work for ‘big-ticket’ weddings, where a budget has a ridiculous amount of zeroes.

But we assure you, it’s totally a myth that we are going to burst with this list of 10 Best Wedding Planning Companies in India. The best part is, these companies work in a range of zeroes on a budget!

Destination Wedding Planners

1. Diwas Weddings

With a strong network of three offices in the country and a global shift towards wedding plannings, Diwas Weddings is a perfect option for a couple to plan a destination wedding. The team of Diwas is always high-spirited and delivers detailing in everything they do.

Their strength lies in finding off-beat destination locations, and their love to explore. So, if you want something tremendously peculiar and which has never been done before, then hiring them is the best decision you can take.

2. Memorable Indian Weddings

Memorable Indian Weddings is a wedding planning company owned by two mettlesome young women, Sunaina Sharma and Kavya Kalra. They both have great experience working in the wedding industry and specializes in planning destination weddings in India and South Asia.

So, if you are looking for something tremendously peculiar and which hasn’t been done before, then choosing Memorable Indian Weddings will be a perfect option.

Extravagant Wedding Planners

If you’re desiring to have a fairytale wedding, and opt for exclusivity & extravagancy, these are the wedding planners you must book an appointment with.

1. The Wedding Design Company

If you are willing to create a Disney Winter Wonderland for your wedding or want to have a Royal Rajasthani Backdrop then The Wedding Design Company is the perfect match. They can make your wedding all alluring, eternal, unique, and classic at the same time.

Their professionalism and creativity reflect in creating a dream a reality. The team of Wedding Design Company understands the need of a couple very well to make their dream wedding a reality.

2. 3 Production Weddings

This Bengaluru based Wedding Planning company’s major emphasis is to etch your hearts with your signature style. Their entire focus is to make your wedding day a stylish and over-the-top event. Also, how can we forget they can provide every tool required for a destination or a local wedding.

In a world full of discrepancies, 3 production stands out to be meticulous in their organizational skills. So, if you want everything to be executed with perfect timings and in manner, there could be no other option.

Planners that specialize in decor

If you love gigantic decorations and pavilions adorned with blooms, then you must have an appointment with a decor turned planner. These people are specialized in giving your wedding a stunning look, and will also be able to help you with any other small requirements.

1. Ferns and Petals Wedding Planning

They are the most sought-after leading wedding planning companies in India. They are specialized in taking your breath away with beautiful backdrops and floral vistas. Ferns and Petals, which started as a small home flower business now extends to plan, manage, and execute the most magical weddings.

Talking about what are they specialized at? Floral Decor, obviously! They have a wide range of creative ideas which they can couple with traditional or exotic varieties of blooms. A plus point is, they make their magic available pan-India!

2. Vivaah Wedding Planner

They started as decor specialists but now has turned into a wedding vertical of party cruisers. But they still are truly exceptional with what they love and how!

The team has shown their talent across the globe and have a great eye for elegant, minimal and contemporary decor.

They specialize in making any location in any part of the world, a perfect dream wedding with their decor prowess.

Experts in Community-specific Wedding Planning

India is a place of various cultural diversity and traditions. And these wedding planners know the nuances, details and rituals of each community very well. They know all the traditions and cultural practices that families from different geographical locations follow. And if you are looking to stick to your traditions strongly, not opting for a generalized wedding day, then they are a perfect choice.

1. The Royal Reception

Gujarati and Marwari weddings have a never-ending list of customs, rituals and traditions, and the team of Royal Reception knows that very well. From different varieties of food (which are many, many) to specific rituals, they are the connoisseurs of all.

They specialize in emphasizing menu and feast services so that the invitees cannot let go of the taste on their tongues.

2. Punjabi Virsa

Punjabi Weddings, as known for their extravagant energies and fun rituals have transcended to other wedding affairs as well. And Punjabi Virsa very well knows to induce nuances of Punjabi Culture to not only Punjabi Weddings but other religions. This company truly understands the beat and rhythm of Punjabi culture and specializes in bringing the fun element to any celebration.

3. Iyer Wedding Planners

These are the experts you’ve been looking for in Tamil Wedding! Iyer Wedding Planners will make sure everything is on point, right from muhurtham to tambhoolam bags! They are a one-stop-shop for everything you have dreamt of and plan in and around your wedding.

Their specialization is their commitment. They hear from it, and they say they can do it, then they will definitely do it. And you, do not need to worry about anything else.