If your wedding date is soon to arrive and you have planned a Beach Wedding, then this guide is a must-read for you!

Walking down the aisle, completely adorned, is surely a dream come true for many women like you out there. And if you can visualise yourself fantasizing about the moment and the smile you’ll hold then we assure you we feel you.

And choosing a Beach as a Wedding destination above all is perfect for a dreamy wedding you always thought would have. Beach Weddings are fun and amazing for sure. But, they also give a classy and relaxed, chill vibe. And that makes beach weddings go you “Oh my god, this is so beautiful!”

However, while a beach wedding is all fun and merrymaking, the planning isn’t that fun. So, we have come with this handy guide that will take you through a complete wedding checklist as a bride, so you can make decisions effectively and wave on the beach as the sea does.

And, here it goes:

1. Check Beach Wedding Availability

Beach Weddings are beautiful, no doubt, but not all beaches allow to set up a beach wedding. Though, luxury beach resorts in India and other countries allow having a galere on a private set up, for some states you have to take permission from the tourism departments.

So make sure you mention and convey all your requirements for your wedding day, and permits associated on time. You must provide the number of guests attending, the timing and date, functions that you’ll be organizing and more.

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Also, keep their points in mind for what is allowed and what is not eg:- Alcohol, bonfires, pets, etc. You must ensure these things beforehand as some beaches allow it and some complete or partial restrictions.

2. Check Weather Reports before Wedding

If you have already marked your wedding date for a beach wedding, then make sure you check the weather for that particular time. Checking the weather conditions will help you make decisions effectively, and also change the dates for any drizzles or thunderstorms, if any.

Beach Table Set Up
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A good suggestion is to have your beach wedding at the time of the year when there are least chances of any such unprecedented occurrences.

3. Choose the right outfit

Beach weddings are all about being relaxed and carefree. Then why not inherit that in your attire? Your wedding attire should match that beach vibe.

And for that, you mustn’t go for heavy and punchy colours. Opt for light fabrics such as cotton silk, raw silk, and organza that are purely light to let the air wave through you. And for colours choose beautiful pastels such as baby pink, pale pink, baby blue, light yellow, or mint green as these will keep the essence as light as possible.

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4. Pick something light for your toes

Since it is a beach wedding, so you wouldn’t want to duck your heels at every step you take. Heels and beaches do not like each other, and you’ll be the third leg facing the consequences. And therefore, we suggest, either completely ditch heels or go for wedges or juttis if inevitable.

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You can also walk by the sands barefoot and be that amazing chill bride setting up an example for your bridesmaids.

5. The Perfect kind of Makeup

The perfect kind of Makeup for a beach wedding is a no-makeup look or just light touchups. You’d be surprised to see your wedding photos with that natural glow that you’ve got. Also, by not applying makeup you’d be free from makeup bleeding, so you don’t have to worry about touching up every 15 minutes.

One important thing not to miss is to apply a lot of sunscreen to protect your naturally glowing skin from the heat and tans.

Face : Negin G 
Photo by Mahdi Bafande
Photo by Mahdi Bafande / Unsplash

6. Think about guests

While your wedding is totally your day to enjoy and be prepped for yourselves, you must not forget your guests. Just be a little mindful of them — whether the beach is accessible to them, how are they going to arrive at the place, commodities & refreshments for them at the functions, conveying the kind of clothes & footwear they should wear, and at last the theme of your wedding.

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You’d be surprised to know how some guests are attending a beach wedding for the first time. And you being a responsible couple, should take good care of that!

7. Prefer Day Functions

Beach weddings are perfect for day functions. You get the perfect light, perfect environment, and there is less risk factor, unlike night setups.

If you are still wanting to have the night ambience, book an indoor hall in your wedding resort beside the beach. That way, you are safe inside the wedding space and still can go on the beach for some shenanigans, if that is an option.

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8. Have an all-things emergency kit handy!

Keeping an emergency utility bag will make your day easy, smooth and tension-free for any of the mishappens.

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Your emergency utility kit should have hairpins, safety pins, a pair of flip flops, sunscreen, lipstick, lip balms, and some necessary medicines according to your need.

We hope this wedding checklist for a beach wedding will help you enjoy your day to the fullest.