Beach Weddings are known for their beauty and simplicity. However, planning a beach wedding is so different from any other conventional wedding setting. By that we mean, a beach wedding will not even have those standard things that are a must for a traditional wedding. Even any advice given in the magazines or our blog will not play a role in a beach wedding.

And therefore, we have curated this blog for you to avoid these things when planning a beach wedding. We hope this truly helps you to make your special day extravagantly special with the simplicity that a beach wedding holds.

#1 Uncomfortable or Heavy Clothing

Lose, Flowing, and Natural fabrics are good to go and works best for a beach wedding. Wearing dresses that are heavy and constricting can be a big task to handle in such a light and breezy place. Besides, any kind of heavy garment or synthetic fabric can boil you in the sun. So, if you want to get all the way jiggling and adventurous, go light with that suit or heavy lehenga or avoid it completely.

Beach weddings are supposed to be airy and breezy and so your wedding attire should allow that air to soak inside and give a splash of freshness for cool breezes to enter.

#2 Shoes or Footwear

Some might say how can we avoid shoes on a wedding day, they pair up so well with wedding attire. Believe us, at beach weddings, it’s all good. Walking with shoes or heels can be difficult and could spoil your mood. So, it is better to toss the footwear in the air and walk barefoot.

Even the photos at a beach wedding come great when barefoot and not with footwear.

#3 Technology

Wedding planning and the wedding itself might have the use of tools and technologies to make it a perfect wedding. Tools like music, lightings, microphones, DJ, and more. However, with beach weddings, it doesn’t have to be that case. The most romantic and good lighting will be that of the sun, the music will be that of the ocean waves crashing on the shore.

And with this perfect lighting and music by nature, will help the photographer & videographer will click & record the best of shots and bytes. Shots & Bytes are so mesmerising to see you would cling to the picture in your bedroom and just relive every time you see it.

Therefore, when planning a beach wedding and landing on a beach, stay away from connectivity, batteries, cell signal, and more. Just enjoy and embrace nature’s beauty and live in the moment!

#4 Throwing a reception on Beach

Having a wedding ceremony on a deserted beach is perfectly splendid and blissful. However, if you are planning to have after-parties, gatherings, or receptions then it is not a good option to consider. These events require bathrooms, lighting, a good space, and much more.

So, if you are throwing a reception right after the wedding ceremony then plan it in a villa, resort, or a hall beside or close to the beach. That way, you’ll also get the space to enjoy and dance the night.

#5 Night Soirees

We know beach wedding is all fun, partying and good times. But, hosting a night function or any kind of soiree after the sun sets is not a good option to go with.

Usually, during the night hours, it is quite dark and no movement at all. And, therefore it is not suggested to throw parties on the beachside during the night. Even the beach authorities don’t allow for any such soirees considering the safety of people.

We hope you now know things that you should avoid when planning a beach wedding!