After you have announced your tying-the-knot date with #Savethedate creatives, and all that bliss settles, then comes the time of your wedding planning. It can be easily overwhelming and daunting for a newly-engaged couple to handle all the tasks. Luckily, that’s where we come in!

This wedding planning list will help you determine where are you making mistakes as a couple in your wedding planning, and how not to commit them.

Not Setting a Budget

This is one of the most essential parts of your wedding. Not deciding a budget can make things go haywire and even surpass spending expectations.

Also, as you meet your wedding planner, the first question they’ll ask about is your budget. Without a budget, it is even impossible for them to effectively plan without knowing how much you are willing to spend.

Not correctly defining the guest list after deciding budget

Every guest on the list costs you money. You don’t have to invite 200 people and then later cut down the guest list or compromise on anything else. Rather, you have to invite people based on your budget. So, take a breath and think carefully — who are important people.

All of this is because your guest list will help you make decisions for the size of your wedding and catering services per head. You need to define your guest list even before you contact a wedding decorator and hire vendors.


Not making space for “Fun” and “Impulsive” items in your wedding planning list

There will be instances while planning your wedding that you’ll drool over an idea or an item that is so essential you cannot have your wedding without. This can be something like a Photobooth or a backdrop to make your guests extremely excited or an act of love that is purely personal to you.

When planning your wedding, do not make the mistake to miss these small elements that will brighten up your wedding day. While they are not necessary, but always have a small room in that budget for these additional elements.

Not knowing how and when vendors wish to receive a payment

Each vendor requires payment through different ways and methods, and at different times. Like some of them would require a partial advance through cash, some would require entirely at the end digitally.

All these things come into the picture when planning your wedding because this helps set the payment methods and dates. Determining the payment methods and dates will make it clear when and how the vendor wants to receive the payment. That way, it will not be a daunting task if everyone starts shooting at you for fulfilling payments, which can in turn make your face a red puff on the wedding day.

Making your Instagramming Best friend or Cousin be the Photographer

Even though your best friend or cousin might be great at clicking pictures or may have the best camera to click pictures, asking them to be the Photographer is not a good option.

Wedding Photography requires peculiar skills to know when to press the button. These photography professionals are trained to capture the exact perfect moment to make you rejoice later. So, do not compromise a good investment of memories for cutting down a little on the budget.

Not having a wedding day timeline

The most common mistake a couple can make while planning their wedding is not making a thorough timeline of their wedding. Every minute of the wedding should be defined long before and circulated to each involving member and vendors, so that you do not panic for not getting a task done, making your mood off for the rest of the day.

Start with making a timeline and setting the tasks to be done. Now, add the people involved for each task and the resources required to complete those, corresponding to the timeline and nature of tasks.

Ignoring Your Mental and Physical Health

Don’t make a mistake to ignore your mental and physical health take a toll on your relationship during wedding planning. We know wedding planning can be stressful, but not looking after your mental and physical health can take you down the coaster. So, take out time for releasing physical stress by exercising daily and mental stress by meditation practices.

Take enough sleep, eat nutritious food, have good meaningful conversations, and have a chill-out time with your partner to not panic in the wedding planning roller coaster.