You have decided on all the events of your wedding and your wedding is around the corner! But, in spite of beautifully visualised decors & florals, poignant wedding themes and out-of-the-box photo booths; a driving X-factor is missing from your wedding entrance points.

We have got an idea to make it whimsical and at the same time fulfil the purpose! Why not deploy standees at every entrance with some quirky and fun Sign Board Ideas?

Wedding signboards have become a rising trend factor to make your guests laugh, get emotional, or bestow with blessings as they see it. You can add any kind of DIY design or fun element that makes everyone hold their feet and feel the emotion behind the signboard.

However, if you’re still wondering what could be the ideas you can go for and what to write on them. Then just sit back to scroll down finding that perfect idea that is purely YOU.

From fun backdrops, to inviting everyone on the dance floor we have wedding sign boards ideas sorted, perfect for a wedding function.

Welcome Signboards

  1. To our friends + Family: We are blessed to have you here today. Your presence has brought radiance all over. We hope you enjoy and immerse in celebrations wholeheartedly!
  2. Humare Acche Din Aa gaye! Aaiye aap bhi shamil ho jaiye inme!
  3. Mutual friends or relatives? Who cares. Hop inside for fun!
  4. An Awesome couple is getting married this way!
  5. Our photographers are hidden everywhere, and they will document everything. Be it boringness or Shenanigans! We might call you later for showing boringness. Be seated at your own risk!
  6. [Date they met]  First met | [Date of the proposal] She said Yes! | [Getting married] They decided on forever.

Mehndi Signboards

  1. Keep calm & Henna On
  2. My Mehndi is so bright, you gotta wear shades!
  3. Deeper the colour, deeper is the love!
  4. Are your hands vacant, let us emboss them to adorn with creative designs
  5. Share your love and blessings upon us on this auspicious occasion
  6. Kahi aapki mehndi reh na jaye...

Haldi Signboards

  1. The groom is getting marinated with Haldi inside, share your part to marinate the chicken evenly.
  2. She’s tying the knot, so let’s take a shot!
  3. She looks bright when you apply the ubtan right!
  4. We have decided on forever, your blessings can make it till eternity!

Dancing Wedding Signboards

  1. Trust me you can dance - Alcohol
  2. Welcome to a boring wedding! It is boring, if and only if, you don’t show your moves on the dance floor.
  3. Time to open the corks and dance on the table.
  4. Simran toh jaa chuki dance floor par, ab tum bhi chale jao!
  5. We assure you the seats won’t mind if you leave them for the dance floor.

WedNicely has booked its signboard! Have you?