When choosing a wedding dress, couples are often seen not taking risks and experimenting with special-day outfits. Every couple wants to look the best on their D-day, and so they often go shopping together for their wedding ensemble.

The would-be couple just wants to look as perfect as a king and a queen made for each other. However, sometimes in doing so, they fail to hold the charm and look either very dim or contrastingly bright. We say the magic lies not in the best of the best but in balancing things effectively.

We have created this list of 20 different yet matching wedding couple dresses or pair-ups that will help you make wise decisions when you go shopping for wedding dresses.

12 Indian Wedding Couple Dress Ideas

1. Matching the Hues

The groom wears a perfectly matched Kurta with the bride’s saree, paired up with an off white hat to balance the hues. If you were looking for a perfect traditional combination then this one’s for you.

2. A pinch of colour

If you two are trying to look different on your wedding day, and still want elements of each other’s attire in your wedding dress then you must go with this combination.

Wear a colourful or single colour stole on an ivory Kurta to match it with your spouse’s saree colour.

3. Complementing colours

If the bride is deciding to wear a dark colour lehenga in contrast to the borders, then the groom has two options to go with for his stole and turban. He can pick either of the colours from the bride’s attire, the main colour or the secondary one.

4. Have a Synchronisation

When choosing colours from each other’s attire, make sure the colour you pick is exactly the same for any of the elements you want to pair up with. Even a slight change in the shade can make your perfect wedding look odd.

5. Reverse the Hues

If uniqueness drives you then try this Maroon Sherwani for the groom and the White Lehenga for the Bride is a perfect contrasting and reversed hues combination.

Everyone would be mesmerised by the sheer beauties you look despite contradicting appearances.

6. Complementary accessories

To be the style statement with your Indian wedding dress, match the bride’s jewellery with the groom’s stole and the pocket square.

7. Immersed in Pastels

If you have planned your wedding on a sunny bright day, then going with pastel colours as your attire for the wedding will make you look just one, for one. Pastel colours are a good choice if you are looking for something subtle and less bold.

8. Gold is Bold

Using shining gold as the primary and common colour in your attires will make your Indian wedding dress look bold. With gold as the primary colour, you both can choose different colours for a contrasting effect.

This way you’ll look complementing yet different and pairing at the same time.

9. Cling to one

Here, by clinging to the one we mean, Groom can pick the colour of his wedding dress from any of the elements of the bride’s attire, such as choosing the colour of blouse for the groom’s attire.

10. Totally contrasting each other

A Sabyasachi Indian Wedding attire for a couple speaks itself about how beautifully the colours go hand in hand to blend while in striking contrast to each other.

11. Embroidery for both

Going with a similar kind of embroidery on both the groom and bride’s Indian wedding dress will make you look like the perfect love birds having similar tastes, defining your personalities.

12. Go Multi-colour

Pick colours of Groom’s Sherwani and Turban from the multicolour lehenga of the bride to convey a message to everyone that you showed keen attention to details and pairing up with your partner for your Indian Wedding Couple Dress.

These were some of the best combinations and pairings of Indian Wedding Couple dresses from which you can take inspiration and rock the stage for the commencement of your new journey.

We would love to know which Indian Wedding Couple Dress you both fell in love with.