Rishikesh is also known as Hrishikesh and greatly claimed to be "Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas" and "Yoga Capital of the World". It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. It is situated in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand and has an average elevation of 372 meters above the sea level. Rishikesh is said to be an auspicious land as the Ganges emerges from ranges of Rishikesh, then touches onto the Plain. It is also famous as a pilgrimage town and is bound with many historical temples that increase the integrity of the place. You can think of your marriage in this land as it is compact of every beauteous thing. Getting married in the land of Rishikesh is cast to be a holy event to be done according to Hindu Mythology. It is also famous for an adventure sport called rafting; the one attending your marriage can even enjoy this for amusement.

The plan of a destination wedding in Rishikesh brings a thought of greater worry of deciding the perfect venue, exact time, and cost of the marriage. We are here to delete all your worries as we have mentioned all these details in our article, you need to just go through it to get the best of it.

Wedding venue in Rishikesh

The first thing that comes into one’s mind when we talk about a wedding is the venue. And the venue matters the most when you wish for a destination wedding. The rituals the decoration of the photoshoot all depends on the venue. So, let us have a look at the venue that we have enlisted for you.

Mahayana Resort

Mahayana Resort in Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful resorts of Rishikesh with mesmerizing scenic beauty. The greenery all around is mind-boggling. It has 20 beautifully constructed rooms with all the basic facilities, attached bathroom, hot and cold water facility, air-conditioned and heater adequately provided. It has a large outdoor lawn with accommodation of 180 floating people. It has in house catering facilities with lavish food including Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. It also provides in house DJ facilities that add enthusiasm to the wedding. It also provides premium quality alcohol and a perfect site to even go for a cocktail party. Mahayana Resort provides a magnificent view of nature in the lap of the mountain range.

Number of guests: 150

Cost per plate: from 1,400 INR

Nature of the venue: Lawn

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort

Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort is located in Kokliyal Gaon, Patti Saklana, Rishikesh. It another astonishing resort situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is enveloped with lush green trees and plantation all around covers an area of 7.5 acres down the mountains. It provides the best morning scene that you wish for. It is best special if you have a lesser number of invitees for your destination wedding. It has 24 well-maintained rooms and a large lawn along with a banquette hall where you can host your wedding party. It provides you the option of choosing to get married under the lap of hills with trees as décor or in house wedding with classy décor with glister of lighting in it. It has special facilities like amusing seating arrangements, spa services for guests, outdoor pool, room for recreation, and ample parking space. It provides all types of cuisine including North Indian, South Indian, European, Continental, Oriental, Chinese, and many more types. It also permits the consumption of alcohol on the premises.

Number of guests: 70

Cost per plate: from 2,500 INR

Nature of the venue: Lawn, Banquette hall

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Howard Sanctuary Resort

Howard Sanctuary Resort is situated in Neelkanth Temple Rd, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh. It has 20 luxurious rooms and a large lawn which can accommodate 500 people and an indoor banquette hall, in case you want to have the party indoors. It provides all the basic facilities like decorated lighting, electricity backup, valet parking space, antique furniture, extra bridal room for the last minute touch up or during a nervous breakdown, well-mannered service staff, license for in house sound/music, service of in-house catering, and in-house décor. Decoration and Catering is always a thing of concern, as the resort provides all by its there is no more reason to worry. It provides a DJ corner and permits alcohol on the campus. It is the perfect space to get married in a calm and pleasant atmosphere away from the hustle of the city.

Number of guests: 500

Cost per plate: from 1,300 INR

Nature of the venue: Lawn, Banquette hall

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Salvus Hotel

Salvus Hotel is a perfect site to go for a destination wedding as it provides all the lavish facilities to make a wedding perfect. It has an alluring atmosphere with a collection of gardens and fantasying beauty. It has a large lawn to host a wedding party with accommodation of 1000 people. it provides the facilities like big and comfortable rooms for guest accommodation, a large swimming pool where you can host a pool party or a bachelors party at night, bridal dressing room for the last minute touch or in case of any emergency, parking area, an in-house restaurant providing delicious meals including both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals, in-house catering so that you no longer have to about the wedding day dinner, and in-house decoration is also provided by the resort lets you think of a themed party or a décor on all your wish. Salvus Hotel provides all the services so that you get the best experience of it.

Number of guests: 100-1000

Cost per plate: from 800 INR

Nature of the venue: Lawn, Banquette hall

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Devine Resort

Devine Resort is a magical destination to go for a destination wedding. It has an eye-soothing view all around with hundreds of trees and magical chipping of birds adding a tune to nature. It is an enormous resort to go for a grand wedding to let no one stay uninvited. It has 60 classy and luxury rooms and a descent hall with an accommodation of 120 people in seating buffet service and an outdoor lawn with a capacity of 300 floating people. It provides the DJ services and provides in hose décor from the enlisted panel of the resort. It provides lavish food including both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals. It also provides the catering system which removes your worry for searching for quality food for the gala dine.

Number of guests: 100-300

Cost per plate: from 750 INR

Nature of the venue: Lawn, Banquette hall

Alcohol Permitted: No

Hotel Natraj

Hotel Natraj is a stunning resort in Rishikesh. It provides a relaxing atmosphere which is fair enough for the unwinding your soul. It is a big venue with 70 rooms to host a great grand party, whatever be the number of your guests there is enough space for the accommodation of all. It has a banquette hall which has a capacity of 150 floating people and 300 people could be accommodated in the outdoor lawn of the hotel. It has a big pool which you can be used for the pre-wedding shoot and even for the pool party for relaxation. It provides you multi-cuisine food and ample parking space for the wedding attending invitees. It provides the catering and decoration system for the wedding so that you don’t have to worry about them and just lavishly enjoy the marriage. The ambiance of Hotel Natraj is good enough to make to fall for it.

Number of guests: 100-300

Cost per plate: from 1,150 INR

Nature of the venue: Lawn, Banquette hall

Alcohol Permitted: No

These were all the details that we managed to gather for you so that you could get to know each corner of the venue and decide the best from them. Now, let us have a look which is the best time to get married in Rishikesh?

Best time to hold a wedding in Rishikesh

The wedding in India generally takes place in the months of October-November, January – February, and April – May. The best time to get married in Rishikesh is during the winters i.e. October- February as the temperature is between 6-20 °C which gives the pleasant climatic condition and refreshing environment. January being the coolest month of the year but it is not such color to carry a blanket always with you; it is fair enough to enjoy and feel the cold. Further, the summer season is extremely hot and humid with temperature ranges sometimes high as 40°C which is very annoying to go for the dream marriage of your life. During the monsoon i.e. Rishikesh faces tremendous rainfall and landslides are also occur in the higher hilly regions blocks the way of transportation. Moreover, it is the time of the religious Savan month, and the state faces a rush of religious people visiting the site, you could not enjoy the solidarity of the place during these months of monsoon. Rather, the winter is also famous in Rishikesh for the water sport called Rafting which you can enjoy along with your friends and acquaintances during these months. So, October- mid-November, and March- the first week of May is the ideal time to host your dreamy wedding of life.


Hope the information collected you to gift you the make you dream wedding true and complete enough to let you know all the details regarding your most awaited destination marriage the Himalayan shoulder. Since this is the most special day of your life which you expect to host in a special way. Put all your special efforts to make it a great wedding. Wish you a great wedding day, Stay blessed.

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