If you are a mountain lover you would wish your wedding in Nainital. It is a famous hill station and profoundly known for its beauty and is also known as “Lake District of India”. It is located in the foothills of Kumaon having outskirts of Himalayas and 285 km away from Dehradun. It is nested at an altitude of 2,084 meters above sea level. The city is situated in a valley with a central lake bounded by mountains. The highest peaks among them are Naina Peak (2,615 m) on the north, Deopatha (2,438 m) on the west, and Ayarpatha (2,278 m) on the south. It has a magnificent view all around and perfect sites to host your dream wedding is such a lush green alluring environment. The winters are decorated by the white snow in the green land of heaven. It has a lush green atmosphere with numerous unique flora and fauna with makes the make more adoring, the Nainital Lake with the beautiful forest around makes you never say no to such a divine land. On the other hand, Summer is said to be the best visit to this divided state of India as the weather condition is amazing with a soothing atmosphere and flawless scene all around. It even provides different types of scenic beauty to go for a pre-wedding shoot with whichever view you dream for. Having your dream wedding in the hills of Nainital will not only make it an unforgettable experience for you but also to the one who is attending the ceremony.

Since you have decided to get married in your dream destination, now it is our task to make you aware of every important aspect that you think of before hosting a wedding.

Wedding venue in Nainital

When you decide to get married the thing that worries you the most is the selection of the best venue. The rituals like sangeet, mehndi, Haldi, shadi all are dependent on the chosen venue, so let us look for some venues to decrease your tension and let you have your dream wedding possible.

The Naini Retreat

The Naini Retreat is located in Ayarpatta, Nainital. It is one of the fascinating resorts with amazing view to the outskirts. The venue has 52 well maintained beautiful rooms which cost 4000-5000 INR/ night. It has a banquette hall for the accommodation of 100 people. All types of meals including vegetarian and non-vegetarian are provided in this resort. The internal décor for the wedding function is provided by the resort so you need not worry about the decoration for the wedding. It permits the consumption of alcohol on the premises and late-night partying with music on. It has a parking space for 15 vehicles. The venue guarantees your care so that you don’t find any reason for making complaints.

Number of guests: 100

Cost per plate: from 800 INR

Nature of the venue: Hall

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Sea Hawk Resort

Sea Hawk Resort is one of the most beautiful resort with an eye-soothing ambiance. The natural beauty of Nainital and the relaxing greenery with enriched flora and fauna seem to be the ice to the cake. It has an enormous resort with 60 well-furnished rooms with all the basic facilities. The resort gives allowance to the intake of alcohol and DJ inside and outside the house. It has ample space for hosting the party i.e. Indoor, Outdoor, Poolside, and Terrace. The lawn has the accommodation of 250 people and the indoor hall has a capacity of 100 people. This resort provides you variable options for hosting your gala which you can decide according to your wedding planner. The stunning premises of the resort will provide you several spots for the pre-wedding shoot that you need not think to step out of the resort to get eye-soothing photographs. The magical Himalayas is always the reason to crave for Sea Hawk Resort.

Number of guests: 100-250

Cost per plate: from 500 INR

Nature of the venue: Indoor, Outdoor, Poolside, and Terrace

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Hotel Shivraj

Hotel Shivraj is another beautiful hotel which is situated near the popular Nainital Lake which the mesmerizing views outside. It is a combination of water, mountain, greenery, and beautiful flora and fauna all around. It has 18 beautifully arranged rooms with all the required basic facilities, cost 4000-5000 INR/ Night. It has an air-conditioned hall with a capacity of 100 people. It permits the consumption of alcohol and provides delicious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food. It also allows the external décor according to your wedding planner and outside catering services, which you might select according to your preferences. No venue can be so good as Hotel Shivraj with such a complete set of beautifulness all around it.

Number of guests: 100

Cost per plate: from 850 INR

Nature of the venue: Indoor Hall

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Seasons Hotel And Resort

Seasons Hotel and Resort is one of the stunning resort with proper connectivity with the city and the perfect ambiance of nature. It occupies a large area and comprises 27 rooms with has an astonishing ambiance which costs 4000-5000 INR /night. It permits the consumption of alcohol and a free parking space. It provides delightful Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals so you need not worry about arranging a catering service for the dinner of the visiting invitees. It has enough space to host your wedding party as it has a lawn, hall, and a terrace area with a capacity of 100, 80, and 50 people respectively. Seasons Hotel And Resort is such a venue that will give you a mind-blowing experience and make you a fan of them.

Number of guests: 100

Cost per plate: from 800 INR

Nature of the venue: Indoor Hall, Terrace Area, and an outdoor lawn

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Raj Bilas Palace

Raj Bilas Palace is located in Sherwani, Nainital. It is one of the beautiful destinations to host an ideal destination wedding in the mountains of Nainital. The ambiance of the resort is overwhelming with descent outlook. It has 30 well-decorated classy and well-maintained rooms which cost 4000-500 INR/Night. It has a terrace and an indoor hall to host the wedding reception having a capacity of 200 and 100 people respectively. Therefore, you have an excellent option of choosing your way of getting married either under the roof or under the black sky with crafted stars on it. You can also think of a themed marriage if you wish. It provides lavish Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meals whish can sweep way your tension to arrange a catering system. It allows alcohol on the campus and a parking space for about 30 cars. It provides the facility of in house décor by the resort. Raj Bilas Palace is always a great option that you can have a look when you think of getting married in the pleasing land of Nainital.

Number of guests: 100

Cost per plate: from 600 INR

Nature of the venue: Indoor Hall, and Terrace

Alcohol Permitted: Yes

Shervani Hotel

Shervani Hotel is located in Mallital which is 2 km from Mall road of Nainital. It is profoundly known for its ambiance and mesmerizing location. It is the oldest hotel with an antique representation of the internal architecture. It has 47 delicately arranged rooms and a large banquette hall having accommodation of 100 people floating and a whelming garden decorated with colorful flowers having a capacity of 300 people for seating. It provides premium quality food with relishing cuisine which involves both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian according to your wish. The catering service for the wedding is also provided by the hotel which sweeps away for tension for the food of the guests. It also allows in house and outdoor DJ which will add enthusiasm to your wedding gala. Your wedding Shervani Hotel will always make you proud of your decision.

Number of guests: 100-300

Cost per plate: from 1,800 INR

Nature of the venue: Banquette Hall, and Outdoor garden

Alcohol Permitted: Yes (Indoor)

These were the details of the best venues of Nainital which we have gathered for you. Now, this is let us look for the best time to host a dreamy wedding at the astounding land of Nainital.

Best time to hold a wedding in Nainital

Nainital is a hill station therefore, the best time to host a wedding is there is during the summers as the temperature there is around 11°C to a maximum of about 28°C. The temperature during those months of March-June seems to perfect and the environment is cool with a pleasant atmosphere. Further, the months of Monsoon range from July-September showing heavy rainfall and greater changes of landslides in such a hilly region. The transportation is blocked during these months and closure of the many resorts and hotels. The winter in Nainital seems to be very cold with a temperature of about 0- 15 °C and the state faces the snowfall. The conditions seem to be romantic and arousing but sometimes there causes problem of transportation due to heavy snowfall. Moreover, if yet you are crazy to get married in the snowfall, choosing of indoor banquette hall is highly recommended. But the summers seem to be the perfect time to have a dream wedding the top hill of majestic Himalayas.


These are all the details that we have craved for you to give you the best day of your life. As this is your wedding day plan all things according to what you have imagined for years. Wish you a very happy wedding day and a magical wedding life.

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