Have you finalised your wedding date? We believe, once you have Saved The Date there are 2 important things that need to be done. First, allocating a budget. And Second, selecting a wedding venue. However, the second has its dependency on the first one.

The budget allocated holds a strong place in choosing the wedding venue for your special day. And we have made choosing a wedding venue easy for you in this blog ‘How to calculate Wedding Venue costs?’ so that you stay inside the fences of budget.

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of a wedding venue, and you should keep these factors in mind. We have listed all these factors and tips around which you should take into consideration before booking a wedding venue.

Factors that affect wedding venue costs

If you have decided on a budget for your wedding, but find it confusing allocating a budget for the wedding then you need to look at these points. Setting an estimate for the wedding venue will help to block the budget for other wedding expenses Venue rentals, Wedding Photographer costs, Jewellery expenses, Wedding Invitations, and a lot more. And this will help you set an approximate budget for your venue bookings.

Some of the major factors that affect the wedding venue costs are -

  • Wedding Date - You need to consider the season you have planned your wedding. The rental price and price per plate gradually increases with the commencement of the season to the lasting of the season. So, make sure you scour wedding venues accordingly.

  • Guestlist - Wedding venues like hotels and premium wedding spaces have multiple banquet halls and rooms and even lawn gardens. The Guest accommodation capacity of each area will decide if one particular area is suitable for the soiree or not.
    And accordingly, the rental fees will vary based on the area and number of places you book. If you want added catering services, then the costing can go higher based on the quotation you give to the manager from your guest list headcounts.

  • Location of Wedding Venue - The location of the wedding space greatly influences the costs involved with each one of them. If you are booking a wedding venue in a prime location, the rental charges and price per plate will be more expensive.
    For example, a wedding location in the centre of the city, premium places close to the Airport, or in some cases a destination wedding location will affect the wedding venue costs.

  • Additional Services - Some wedding venue places provide other in-house complementary or additional services like wedding catering, wedding decoration, and entertainment services.
    If you want your wedding venue to hold all these things, the cost can go a little higher. However, you’ll be set free from choosing a wedding caterer or a decorator, thus reducing your work.

Consider these factors when allocating a budget for your wedding venue costs. These will be really helpful in having a good sense of where you are investing your money for the biggest day of your life.

Venue Booking Tips

As promised, we have listed some tips that you must hold on to.

  • Have your sign on the paper early - Once you have decided the date of your wedding, book your wedding venue as early as possible.
    Go for a recce, scour and analyse considering all the factors, and then move ahead with consulting & signing the papers. This will help you book your preferred wedding venue hassle-free, avoiding last-minute hoppings and choosing an undesired venue.

  • Be a little flexible with dates - If you are planning to book a wedding venue at the most sought-after places in your city or in India, then you might want to be a bit flexible with the dates.
    You can make a list of Saaya dates (auspicious days) when you want to host the wedding and then check the desired place for its availability.

  • Get a Contract Ready - Before booking a wedding venue, make sure every demand from both ends is on the paper in writing.
    Have a detailed contract with important aspects such as the booking amount you are paying, the remaining amount, instalment & cancellation policies, Force Majeure clause and other legalities. That way, you will be free from any obligations and misunderstandings that may occur in an otherwise situation.